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Creature Keeper is a top-down action-adventure RPG where you can befriend wild creatures and raise them to fight alongside you! Scout the creatures of the world and build up your dream team! Cook foods to strengthen your creatures and craft trinkets from the materials grown in your pocket garden. Learn skills from your strongest to help you take on bigger creatures.

  • 50 Unique creatures to befriend and fight alongside with. Assemble your dream team from the ground up!
  • A polished combat system built upon fluid animations and tight controls
  • A variety of weapons, skills, and magic to customize your playstyle with
  • The Pocket Garden : A farm on the go. Grow ingredients, buffs, equipment, and more without ever needing to return to town. Useful both inside and out of combat!
  • A cooking system, based on creatures' tastes, to power up creatures! Learn recipes from eating foods and as you level your cooking skills.
  • The Bestiary : More knowledge = more power! Raising or fighting creatures will level up Bestiary Entries which grant descriptions, notes, skills, player stats and more
  • Colorful, fluidly-animated sprites interacting in hand-designed environments
  • Original music and sound design done by the same person making the gameplay and art - me!
  • Community Backed Development : Creature Keeper has a set direction already, but your feedback will help see where it can improve. Join the Discord server via this link : discord.gg/hf9UZsQ

Visit the Kickstarter page for more information!



CreatureKeeperKSDemo5_PC_64-bit.zip 98 MB
CreatureKeeperKSDemo5_PC_32-bit.zip 94 MB
CreatureKeeperKSDemo5_Mac_64-bit.zip 129 MB
CreatureKeeperKSDemo5_Linux_64-bit.zip 100 MB
CreatureKeeperKSDemo5_Linux_32-bit.zip 104 MB

Install instructions

1.) Download the zip file
2.) Extract the zip file to a folder of your choosing
3.) Open the folder and play CreatureKeeper.exe
4.) Report bugs at  : https://discordapp.com/invite/hf9UZsQ

Development log


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how do I play the game on linux??

Extract it and execute the binary named "nw"

hi, this is a great game! I was wondering what game engine you used?

I saw the game was made with Construct 3

Really enjoyed this, just took some time and tried about 8 a-rpgs that are on here right now - while I’m not saying the others were terrible the combat mechanics definitely impressed on me as the best enough so that I’ve decided to reproach it in my personal project. I particularly enjoyed the inventory wheel in conjunction with the action slots and a modifier for expanded function. The roll and back step also add a dynamic aspect that I really have fun with. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was having to hold my consumables to use them. Good luck, people will love this!

wow it was amazing demo when we can get the full game ?

super very good amazing game please finish ;)

Oh, the Mac version doesn't work on my M1 based machine? Can't open the application? And I'm not talking about the security behavior; it simply gives me the feedback that it's not a valid app.

thank god you are still working on it. I spent 2 hours playing and i was like what happend lol. Keep up good work man.

this game is way too good fervir

is this game abandoned?


No, I'm still working on it

Yes good thank you.

does anyone know how to get past the first desert? ive been stuck there for so long</3

absolutely adore this game omg the artstyle is everything!!

Really enjoyed this demo! though i couldnt find a way to go in the 1st desert area (the one where you first meet the catue creatures)

i just played this game but when ever i play i can never ever switch weopons so can any one help me

I love the pixel art style <33333333

I played this game recently! It's so very impressive, visually. It has so many systems going on at the same time as well. Kind of gave me Dark Cloud 2 vibes as far as how many different systems run at once. It was nice!

Here's my video. Thank you so much for making this, I look forward to seeing what becomes of this!


its not downloading whats the problem?

This game looks stylin'.  Will it be released on Steam?

I'm trying to tame a green slime and it keeps saying party full and won't get tamed when all I have is one starter bat in my party, might be a bug?

Ok I just played through a bit and I deposited all of my creatures into creature manager and the move creature to party button has been replaced with not enough creature points despite me literally not having any creatures on my party

That is a bug. I think if you save and reload, your creatures should be still around somewhere.


the mac os demo isnt working for me. it sais "cannot read property 'build' of undefined". not a computer expert, just a fan. is there any way to fix this an play the game


From what I know, newer versions of MacOS aren't suppored by games made in Construct 2, like Creature Keeper. I hope to figure out a solution in the future, but unfortunately for now you will have to wait.

oh ok, thanks for clearing that up. thats fine, i've had similar walls to certain games because i'm using MacOS in the first place. the game is well worth the wait anyways. take your time, your making a classic.



Found a bug. Not all of the creatures fit neatly in the beastiary. The big wolf hangs off the page. I can still access it, just looks off. 


Was not able to install demo on debian (bullseye).  The install location is defined but there is no game name.  

Error message:


Queing install for ... creature-keeper ... 

While queuing download: TypeError:  Cannot read property build of undefined at file://.../app-25.5.1/resources/app/dist/render/7.chunk.js:894:349


I'd put the whole think, but it won't let me copy the error message and I don't want to hunt for the logs today.  

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The demo seems phenomenal already, totally will grab this once it's available. Love it!

Also, just fyi probably already aware, but: Pretty heavy lagginess when first loading on a 1080 GTX, Win10 x64, windowed mode with Gsync on a 144hz monitor. Making the window larger, much less full screening it, pushes the fps to a total crawl, sadly.


Hello! I'm trying to download the game right now, but it won't let me for some reason? I'd love to play it since it seems really fun!

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I really love this game! but why are they frozen? ;-;  (at the end of this comment its actually something that's serious)

they're still frozen ;-; (they aren't in the picture btw)

they can eat but they can't move

entered a different room, this is what happened

i died, restarted, why can't i move?

oh nvm i can move now but my creatures still can't move ;-;


i changed creatures, they can move now :D


now they won't eat-

nvm its ok now

can't get out of this text:

can't even pause the game ;-;


Hello! I love this game, its everything i could have asked out of a topdown action adventure with rpg elements :D


Hello! I love the game so far, like, a LOT! There are some very minor bugs I've noticed, but I would just like to ask, how do you equip armour? I have some but am not sure how to do so.


Gotta place the armor/accessories in your item ring, then use them like most equipment in the game.

your game is the best it has a very unique bestiary a good variety of monsters but I will ask you something they will put improvements to equip more monsters


This looks like basically better Zelda, and that's saying a lot.

amazing and very creative game, keep up the terrific work!

i started a new game and i cant move??

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I found some bugs 

-In the caves where there's holes my cavulf died and then I believe he was knocked into a hole right when he died so I couldn't revive him or find his body 

-The magic dagger says in the description that you can shoot magic bullets but when I tried it it didn't work.

-The frog gets stuck in its attacking state when it is locked on a different creature and if the thing dies it just sits there humping the ground (kinda cute tbh) until a different target comes near em

 Also idk if its just be but sometimes the sounds music and everything sound related goes pixelly and buggy. Ah yes and idk if the bow broke or my game don't like me cause I can't aim it

And here's something you could add to make the game easier and smoother

1)Add a description to the monsters in the beastiary about what food them creatures like the more points we gain

2)Make it to where we can actually upgrade and see our stats

3)Make the frog or anything that does a jump attack aim better (tbh I just hate that my frog keeps missing even when the enemy is stunned)

4)The weapons and armors  seeds are kinda broken cause I got 13 seeds so I didn't need to craft any weapons and armor so if you could turn down the seed drop for these seeds I'd be real happy cause I don't like doing this kinda stuff ya know

Overall real good game I love it and I made an acc just to say this 


lol nvm the bow thing my button broke when i was trying to use it

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Pretty sick game but i think a carnivore food should be added cause i really wanted to tame a mushbush but was dissapointed when i couldn´t and also add a mini map and also also some portable daycare that makes creatures heal over kill but yeah cool game!

Pretty sure there is a map but is you can only see it when you're in the crystal fast travelling

Well could you do version optimized for Android other platforms in the future maybe?


No plans for Android at the moment


Oh jeez, I've become dangerously addicted to this game... and this is just the demo!

The option of catching all of the different enemies you meet along your way really is awesome, and the fact they all have their own names is even more awesome. Every time I fire this game up and dive in I discover something I didn't notice before, it really is the experience that keeps on giving!

The retro look and feel is a delight as well, I'm seeing more and more games reverting back to the old pixel styles of the past and I am totally on board with that, because even though the style is nothing new there are plenty of new ways to interact!

The bestiary is also amazing, the fact you can level up your stats by defeating more of a certain type of creature (and also slowly unlock a full picture of them) is the thing that keeps me popping back to play more of this at the moment. It's just a super fun time all round! I'm sad I missed out on backing the Kickstarter when it was still up and running, but I'm all in on this project now I know about it!

So come on everyone, get this demo downloaded and see what you've been missing out on! I can't wait to see more of this =)


Hey buddy!! Your project is great, it looks super fun. And then I would like to know if you want someone to do the artoworks! as cover, and arts that can go in the game or part of an artbook who knows. I made an art that you shared on twitter, thanks for that. Well let me know. My email is 

I'm loving this demo, but I have run into a few bugs.

1) I saved my game after getting a key. When I loaded my game, I no longer had the key, and could not re-open the chest to get the key. Therefore, I cannot open the door, and it seems I've reached a dead end.

2) For some reason, after loading the game, I cannot have more than one creature at a time, regardless of points. I just ended up feeding my canvulf all the food, and watched him run around beasting things.

3) Like other people, I ran into the "tried to change controls on the keyboard while having a controller selected and getting stuck" bug.

Non-bug issues:

1) It is really difficult sometimes to feed your pets. It would be nice if the whistle could attract their attention to food you've placed. Though, getting them to sit still for a moment does make it easier to throw food at them.

2) It would be nice to go back to the inventory from the bestiary/pocket garden without needing to close and reopen.

3) Would be nice to be able to access controls/etc. in game.

4) Would be nice to be able to view/track character stats.

Aside from those bugs, I'm really enjoying this game. I missed the Kickstarter, but I'd be happy to back any post-Kickstarter gig there might be :)

The Key issue should be fixed, but unfortunately you will have to start a new game. Not sure about the bug for not being able to have more than one creature. The title screen rebind control issue should be fixed.

All of the non-bug issues will be improved in future updates.

Thanks for playing Creature Keeper! There will be an alpha period launching soonish where you can support development. I'll be sure to put out an update when that goes live.

Awesome! That's good to hear.

As far as the one creature bug: I had my wolf, which I had boosted significantly with food. I left other slots open for taming, and had several critters in reserve. I saved, quit the game, and later returned. When I realized I had no more new tameables I could access, I tried to round out my party. When I did that, the game gave me the message saying I didn't have enough creature points. I could swap out other critters for my wolf, but if I tried to add more than one critter, regardless of what it was, I just got the message saying I didn't have enough points.

It seems like some of the creature data got corrupted. The best thing I can do for now is to make sure that the data can't be corrupted in the first place

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can you please add a warning sign before starting a new game I ended up starting a new game and deleting all my progress just because of one wrong button.good game otherwise

There shouldn't be a problem there because the only way you can save is by using the save crystal. Starting a new game does not overwrite or delete your save

wait what

I can write some experience while playing the game and feedback :)

1) At the start I clicked to controls settings and while at controller (default selected) I clicked on UP and tried to rewrite it on keyboard, then I realised there was an ICON option for KEYBOARD and I am in CONTROLLER selection and I have to Alt+F4 becouse I cant revert the  attempt to change controller setting for UP (arrow). ESCneither any other reasonable key-stroke is working to revert the change prosedure. Clicking on default by mouse is not doing anything too -I am stil stuck in selection of new input :D Funny bug - maybe you already resolved it but it is in this version :D I love your work and as starting dev that vants to make a living and start family thanks to indie gamedev with my friend, I look forward to play similar games made by 1-2 people and see, that ists definitelly possible to do.

The issue with not being able to exit rebinding keys should be fixed now. Thanks for playing Creature Keeper! I am glad that you enjoyed the game, and you should look forward to Creature Keeper's future!

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Love this demo so much! Is there anyway to back the kickstarter anymore or get a copy at this point?

EDIT: By get a copy I mean pay for one now and wait for the release.


I'm still working out the details, but if things work out, there will be a Post-Kickstarter option to support Creature Keeper. I'll make sure to write an update when it goes live

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