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This was fun to play, Although I just got a slime and bat near the start and never felt like switching them out, cause it would be a head ache to run all the way back. might be something to consider, but if it was more convenent to manage my monster party I would have engaged with that system more.

Overall a great experiance

It should have been more clear, but there's a button dedicated to exactly what you wanted, creature management. It's select on the controller or tab on the keyboard.

Rule Number 1: talk to everyone and read every sign haha

Oh this is great! I would totally pay for a full version.

When you die, you can press z and then continue walking until the screen turns black.

cant wait for this to be in final version

love the game and would totally pay good money for a final version. was wondering how i could replace my pets, as i couldent find that anywhere. thanks!


If you press select (tab on keyboard), you'll be able to put creatures in your reserves. That will free up some space to befriend other creatures


Love the concept.

I am having trouble with actually playing. I couldn't get either version to launch on my Linux computer.

I then attempted on windows. I was able to launch, but am having trouble with gameplay.

The down and left arrows aren't responding, so I have to roll to get out of corners.

Any thoughts on either issue?

Hello, I'll admit I'm not familiar with how Linux works in general, so I don't have any answers for you about that.

This is my first time hearing about that kind of keyboard bug, and I can only say try out a controller for now. I just recently added controller support and the game can switch between Keyboard/Controller support at will, which might have caused some things to bug out.

Another thing you can do is try loading the default keybinds and saving them, maybe somehow, something got messed up.

If you do have controllers but still prefer the keyboard, try unplugging the controller. Maybe the game's deadzones might be messed up, causing strange inputs

I love the game, but there's a glitch I've encountered where when I walk near the door of the tavern/shop/house type thing near the dog, the screen goes black and I have to close and restart the whole thing. Other than this, the game is great.

That's very strange, because that should be an actual area that you can go to

I can't play the game because the controls are automatically set for a controller and I'm on a laptop :(( the game looks great though

if you press a key on the keyboard it should switch to keyboard mode!

Deleted post

Played the demo today and I loved it!! Its so much fun and also beautiful to look at!! I wish you all the best with Kickstarter and I will definitely be excited for the full game!

I'm sure you are already working on this but will you add controller support or make it somewhat simpler to move around/move stuff? As much fun as I had sometimes I had trouble with all the keyboard buttons:P

lol, having just replied to the post above, there is controller support!
You just have to press a button on the controller to activate it.
It's not very clear, but I'll clear that up in the next build!

Ah okay! I will play around with it:)) I use a ps4 controller so I hope it works, thank you!!

This project is awesome !
keep up the good work bud!


Thanks! I can't say this enough, but I'm excited to work with the community to make Creature Keeper a really great game!

Yo i wish i couldve seen this game sooner! This is awesome and i love the art style. I'm definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this =D

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper! I'm excited to have the game out there and ready for feedback

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ARPG with monster pets? Cut right to my heart why don't you? :3

I played a bit of the demo and so far it is a lot of fun! The controls get me a bit. A lot of times I'll roll or open the menu when I want to attack, and I rarely use anything except my C weapon because the others seem to far away to be worth the trouble. Is there controller support implemented or planned? Because I think being able to map my own controls to a controller will alleviate a lot of that.

Additionally I had a lot of trouble with feeding my monsters. For some reason taking things out of my ring inventory is really inconsistent, and I have to do the button input several times before it works (hold x, hold direction, hold z, release x). Additionally my Nokobo and Canvulf run around so erratically that once I actually have the food, it's difficult to feed it to them, and even more difficult to feed a particular one. The Canvulf is especially difficult, because its food hitbox is really small, and presumably only on the side of its body where its head is. So when it's running around me (typically up and down) I have no chance of hitting it. I've taken to sending all of my other creatures back to the reserve, petting my Canvulf to get it to stay still, then chucking the food at its face (which still goes right past it most of the time). Please make it easier to feed dog. T_T

Another nice QOL change would be sound effects for equipping things, and some sort of indication of what is currently in your armor or accessory slots. I wasn't sure if removing my armor from my ring menu would keep it equipped, didn't realize that there was an armor slot separate from the accessory slots, and equipped my gloves a bunch of different times before I realized it had worked (because the indicator is pretty small).

Some glitches I found:

- Creatures that aren't in the top/first slot won't always follow you. The stronger creatures seemed ok but the bats and beps liked to wander more.

- Sometimes a creature that isn't in the top slot will seem to disappear? They'll come back if you change screens once or twice but it can be disconcerting.

-Hitting a tree with an axe keeps you from cutting grass in the same swing. Not sure if this is intended but it confused me at first.

-EDIT: There's also this graphical glitch on the bestiary if you move the cursor around. I found it on the bat page I think:

Anyway, I'm really excited to see where this game goes! I'll have to see if I can swing the funds to back the kickstarter, but if not I'll still keep an eye out for this project. Local co-op would make this a MUST for me and my SO, even if it's just letting a buddy control one of the creature friends. Good luck with the Kickstarter and development!


Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper! There is controller support in the current version of the demo. It is a little confusing to activate it though, all you have to do is just use it and the game should automatically switch to controller inputs.

Also in the same build, if you take out some food, it should make all the creatures near you stop moving for a few seconds, but that's only when you take food out from your item ring. It's something I'll definitely improve on over time!

Thanks for pointing out the sfx on assigning accessories! I just added them in Demo1, and have probably missed some feedback ques.

The pathfinding system for the creatures still has a ways to go. They do move very erratically, and I need to fix it so that they are more chill outside of battle

Seriously one of the MOST addicting games I have EVER played. I just need the finished product to come out so I can play it forever.


Thanks for making a vid! It's very good at showing off all of the current features of the game!

this game is awesome i cant wait to see more of it also while playing i found a bit of an exploit if you take a pet out of your team and then put it back in it get healed to full health

besides that i love this game


Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
I'll eventually fix that exploit, maybe in Demo 3

this is an awesome game! taming animals and taking care of them,haveing to grow your own food! I'm not even done with the game yet and i give it my full support Awesome job!

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
Also that thumbnail is excellent

very nicely done!
but at some point my creatures stop following me. I think I'm not a good pet owner lmao.

The pathfinding can be a bit wonky sometimes! It will improve over time. 

Thanks for playing Creature Keeper!

Just started played this a few minutes ago and man, i've been really enjoying it. The art style is great and the animations are so smooth, i love it so much.

So far, I don't have any complaints other from the controls or bugs other people have stated below. 

Keep up the great work, and good luck on your funding! I can't wait to be able to play this on Switch someday!

 Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
A lot of the major bugs will be fixed in the next update which will also include a lot of quality of life and clarification improvements, so keep your eyes out for that

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Hi, just found this game and am enjoying it so far, with a few bugs ofc, as mentioned from others below.

There is something that's rly bugging me (except the keybinds, since i'm using a german keyboard my z is where the english y is, so i had to change to english keyboard, because my finger started to hurt from the stretch)

Anyway, i hope you have this on your roadmap or thought about it, but the feeding is just too op right now. There has to be a limit per "day" or level, or of some other kind. because i can just go, grind some materials and then feed my pet with "infinite" foods. that way my lvl 1 bat has almost reached 200hp in just 20 minutes. Also, is leveling implemented yet? Doesn't seem like it.

Another bug i have, and haven'T seen below, but also didn'T read all of the comments, is that my bestiary is stuck. I was able to use some points on my first pet, and after that I wasn't able to move the quill / curser in menu. Also, shouldn't it be beastiary, because they are beasts, not best like "I'm the best".

Anyway, gonna continue playing now.

PS: Bestiary is unstuck now! Woop woop

Nice magical stones in the desert tileset! And cool mage cats.

There should be key rebinding in the next build.
The level indicator is a placeholder and there will not be a leveling system in the next build released (it has not been planned out).
I've intentionally left the feeding overpowered, since it's just fun to see how overpowered creatures can get for a short demo.
Bestiary is the correct spelling.
Menus should have more button prompts in the next build, so that less people get stuck.

In love with this game. The palette is so good to see.

very nice game bro


Man, the game is awesome! Keep on going! Good luck!


This looks awesome! Do you have any plans to port for Mac?


I will try to release Mac and Linux builds with the next demo to see which ones are possible to support!


Amazing, it looks awesome, best of luck with the next demo!

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Great pixel graphics, and animations are seamless. I really, really love the pixel art.

The only thing; The keybinds are too multifunctional, it's hard to remember that the same key does multiple stuff. 

It's also kind of awkward and hand placement is also weird since the interact key is Z. But also, to roll is also Z... there are times where I wanted to pick something up but rolled away instead. And, to open the inventory and settings is SPACEBAR. To click is Z. To exit/cancel is CTRL.

C = attack, CTRL+C = second attack, Hold CTRL+C = build up attack.

 Also, those who are impaired may be able easily use these keys. E.g. Hold Ctrl+C, I had a hard time with this, pressing it multiple times and connecting combos since my hand lacks some mobility when it is in a 'claw' and my middle finger has pain when it's in a claw for too long.

There is the whole keyboard, but the keybinds are only in the bottom quarter. Pls, if you do not wish to change it, let us re-bind the keys.

If rebinding keys is implemented, I would rebind them for a more organic hand placement (QWER for attacks, F to interact, SPACEBAR to roll, ESC for settings). Yes, it's generic but it works. And, to newcomers it's familiar, so that won't be a barrier for those wanting to try your game - and keep playing it. It really has a lot of potential. Can't wait to see where it goes!


Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
I acknowledge that the current keybinds are a mess as they've been assigned over time as I added new features.
Ideally they would be set once all of the controls have been figured out.
I am working on a way to rebind the keys for the next build, and will try to survey the community to find the best keybind setup for future builds.

Look forward to it!



I play the game for 1hour and the first time i died, i dont no what happen but the key "SHIFT" stop working, i cant do nothin whit the creauture that i had.. so i stop in the village again and what was my surprise that the tame mecanics have chage from SHIFT to BLANK.And that its not all

I discover that i can make for free infinite rings in the girl next to the dog by only talk and press Z in the ring and go out, and the ring it on the ground to catch

I try to delete the game and star again and didnt solve the SHIFT problem Download other version (64 or 32) didnt solved to.


The ring bug and many of the menus will be cleaned up in the next build. I am working on the problems related to the SHIFT bug as well


How do I tame the dog in the village? It's written 'blank' in tutorial.


There was a bug with making the initial configuration file. I'm hoping to fix this in the next build.


Maybe a way to change keybinds, like on computer, that'd be cool


Yep, working on this for the next demo build!


That's, Great man.


So, it's like Pokemon crossed with Legend Of Zelda? Cool.


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


I have a school chromebook, so i am unable to download and play this, but I am incredibly excited to hopefully play it soon!


Love this! Reminds me of Sword of Mana in a very good way!


Are there any plans for coop? At least local. Maybe giving other players a possibility to control chosen tamed creature?

I have plans for seeing if local coop can be implemented easily in the future

Is there a way to play with an PS4 controller?

Creature Keeper has been confirmed working with a PS4 (wired) controller and an XBox360 (wired) controller. It did not work with an XBoxOne (wired) controller, but I will look into that once more, in the future

OK, thanks i will try it tomorrow

Hey, I was looking through the game files and found something called "notification_helper.exe" . Can someone please lighten me on what this is?

It's something that just comes with the NW.js export option for Construct 2. I confirmed this by exporting a blank project with both v0.31.0 and v0.41.0 versions of NW.js for Construct 2. I was unaware of this change when I updated my version of NW.js for Construct2.

Ah. Thanks!




Wow - this game is gorgeous! Seeing that a project this elaborate and polished, especially at a relatively early phase in development, was made by a fellow solo developer is nothing less than inspiring.

Nothing but respect for you for being able to manage all this yourself. Wishing you the best of luck on getting your Kickstarter fully funded! Keep on keeping on!

Thank you! I will do my best to make Creature Keeper a great game!

This game looks beautiful! Nice work!

Hopefully, This will be on switch :) Pleasssssse. I will check this demo out tonight. Thanks

Will there be a MacOS version?


I will make a build for MacOS available with the next update, but know that I have no means of testing it myself, so I don't know if it even works

I can test and give feedback if you like!

Amazing game, excited for its next update/release. The only thing I would change out of the box is making it so you can use WASD or arrow keys.


Thanks! I will include rebindable controls for the next update

I'm so excited for this game! I did find some bugs, however, although it might be that I used the wrong version. The text cuts off at the bottom(Just dialog, I think?), and the menus don't seem to update quite right (The active pets list doesn't update correctly when reserving and bringing out pets, and the quantity numbers in the equip tab don't move with their items). Keep up the good work!


Glad to see you enjoying it! There is a weird bug that some people are getting with the font, and I will update the menu stuff

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