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This project is awesome, I wonder why there is no commercial release??

Music sound inside?

makes my balls hard by how good it is

nice game even though I miht be stuck now.
north dungeon: threw the red pyramide over some pit (without having jump ability) so might be stuck there
desert dungeon: beat the 3 guys with bombs, opened chest, collected key.
go to key door: no keys, so door not opening. the just collected key didnt count as it seems.

nevermind, for the north dungeon, I found the door for the single key I had left.

thankfully I figured out how to get over these pits :-)

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surely a good game, would be great when the controls could be viewed ingame too

Wonderful Art, I love it. Color palette is very nice and animations, impressive. Great job !

man. im so excited for this game. the first one i played for 19 hours

Really cool! The world is already really vibrant and interesting, despite there being a lot of reused assets. Picking up just tons of loot that spills out from chests and monsters feels good, really enjoyed that. Feels very professional and polished to play.