A downloadable game for Windows

Consider this version as a standalone prototype with its own set of content (a good amount).

Elysis is a top-down action-RPG which aims to provide a gratifying sense of combat and exploration.

To achieve this, the addon system was conceived as a way to allow players to modify their weapons to be able to fight a wide variety of enemies. These addons will give weapons special properties and will be scattered throughout the world waiting to be found.

The game is being worked on by just me, Fervir, and I do all the art, sounds and put all of my ideas together with the Construct Classic engine. I'm starting to get into the music part of the game now, but for the most part, it is handled by @iyashi_kei.

This demo is more of a tech demo where you'll be able to get a taste of what kinds of items and monsters there are in the game as well as some dungeon exploration. For the future I have a full game planned with a lot more areas, a deeper exploration aspect and a story to tie everything together as well as more of everything else, especially items.

Demo Features

  • Tutorial dungeon and Temple Dungeon complete with boss fight
  • 15 types of weapons / subweapons / equipment
  • 23 addons to give your weapons unique properties
  • 29 different monsters to test out your weapons on
  • Customizable controls and controller support (Only xbox gamepad tested)

Questions? Comments? Contact me at

email : fervirgamedev@gmail.com

twitter : @blankthevidya

Install instructions

All you need to do is unzip the folder anywhere and run the exe to play.

Don't forget that you can customize the controls and use a controller!


Elysis Demo 40 MB