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Submitted for Ludum Dare 34 (Two Buttons)


A Rhythm game where you use two buttons!
Can you beat my high score of 1169?

A : Move back
D : Move forward / melee attack
A + D : Block

Your attacks will Always land before an enemy's attack.
You may only attack the front most enemy in the next tile.
All enemies in an adjacent tile will be able to attack you.
All enemy attacks will be blocked when you issue the block command.
The archer can attack you from three tiles away.
Don't miss a command to build your GROOVE meter, when it's full you get +1 attack.
Execute commands in the blue region once you've got GROOVE going, you will get extra points.
You are allowed to jump back once without breaking GROOVE, however you must execute two commands to be able to jump back again.
If you block and no enemy attacks you, you will break your GROOVE.

Install instructions

Just extract the game and folder to the same spot and play


BeatMan.zip 4 MB
Source + Assets (ConstructClassic) 3 MB

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